We are now going from one season to the next! ...- Spinner As usual, the game is unavailable while we go from one season to another. Changes made (several):
Summary This time, there is a number of changes and improvements to report. Most of them are minor, but some are worth noticing anyway. One of the new additions are kept secret until you log in later today, and you will find information about it in the Game Annaouncement forum.
Due to the number and extent of these changes, the downtime will be longer than usual this time, as there is much to update and patch on our servers. check our facebook-page for more up-to-date information.
Detailed list: You can now sort players by attributes by clicking on the attribute-headers in the team-listing.
The Player-details window will now show Total Gains.
On the Tables-page, 4 new rankings have made it in (Top GK, Top Defender etc) and the previous Top GK list has been correctly renamed to "Most Clean Sheets".
Also on the same section, a new team-ranking for "best form" (most points in last 5 league-rounds) has been added.
When creating a private cup, the message you get from the system with the system now also has a copyable link to the cup for easy pasting.
Confirmation-box added when saving a line-up.
Confirmation-box added when selecting sponsor.
Confirmation-box added when deleting a note.
Commentary speed-indicator has been added to the match-report.
From now on, when a player retires and ends up in a Hall Of Fame, the retirement-season will be stored as well.
The retirement-probabilities for GKS and non-GKS have been tuned closer together. So GKs are now more likely to retire a bit earlier, and non-GKs are likely to retire a bit later.
Added copyable text to use when sharing your HOF to someone, like (HOF:XXXX), on your Hall Of Fame page.
The previously hard-coded "95" (Rest players below 95 fitness) is now settable on the training-page. Just set the number to what you wish and hit the button. The number is saved for future use.
We have made adjustments to the 1st welcome-mail received by new members to improve how helpful it is.
Accounts who have not logged in for the past 7 days will now get an email-reminder to let them know their team needs them.
When a team is closed for violating the rules, their players are now withdrawn from the transfer-market, with immidiate removal of any bids for those players. (anti-abuse-fix)
Fortune-tax has been raised from 4 to 6 percent (the tax-free-limit is still 100 millions)
Removed the result-spoiler still present at the top of the Champions League page and SuperCup page with the gold/silver icons next to the finalists. Now both teams will be shown with the official icon, ignoring the result.
The New Message icon will now flash 3 times to make it more visible if you have unread messages.
Small bugfix on the frontpage, never mind
Small bugfix on the attendance graph on the stadium-page
Player-cups: You may now only play 1 cup per day during the weekend. So one on saturday and one on sunday. You are free to pick timeslots as you wish of course.
New Sponsor added: Euro Eleven
New secret feature....
Winners Season X
...- Spinner