Season-change in progress... There are a few updates you should know about this time.

- Fixed bug in external team popup history view
- Fixed bug in Saved Matches preventing them from playing properly
- The teamname in the live scores from other matches are now Clickable (team popup)
- Annoyance-fix : Player-search will keep its sorting even if players are opened and "last 5 matches" are watched.
- 59 New Achievements have been added! Plenty of rewards!
- In the Achievements-section of the team-popup, there is now a list of the 20 most recent ones.
- Added Color-blind-mode setting in preferences, defaults to Off, and brought back the yellow-ish colour fra draw-results.
- Mobile users in the narrow interface (who can't SEE their own sponsor in the top rght corner) will now get a reminder if they forget to pick a sponsor.
- Fielding a "weaker" lineup in any CL/SC/CWC match can now result in unrest among your fans, broken seats etc in your stadium, and loss of morale in the team. The more obvious the "weakness" is, the stronger the reaction.

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Good luck!

- Spinner, developer of ManagerLeague

Winners Season X
New and improved for the coming season! There are no updates next season due to the server-move. ...- Spinner